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    In the book and periodical industry, Sino-mv provides an all-round and full-process digital quality control system including customer document inspection, prepress document inspection, printing plate inspection, process sampling inspection, and online inspection. 

    The inspection range covers from printing defects, paper defects, binding defects, etc.

    In the domestic Xinhua system and other leading book and periodical printing enterprises, there are many successful cases.

    We also have repeatedly guaranteed printing work of major theme publications, such as leader's works, The Party's Innovation Theory Research and Interpretation Readings, Important party and state documents, literature and other major theme publications, textbooks, teaching supplements, children's books, etc. 

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Sheet Proof Machine

With pixel-level detection accuracy, it supports PDF file modeling and can be used for quality inspection in pre-press stage, defects sampling and color variation detection. This product is cost-effective because it is more accurate than manual inspection and can be connected to several presses at the same time which will save labor costs to a great extent.

Inline Inspection System

Based on the experience of adding nearly 100 inline inspection systems on banknote printing machines, we advocate the concept of printing process quality control to improve product quality and reduce waste. Through analysis of printing defect data, it provides quality improvement suggestions and helps to enhance the efficiency of enterprises.

Smart Proofer

Suitable for the pre-press department and gravure plate making enterprises.