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    In terms of inkjet printer, Sino-mv provides an integrated machine for inkjet and detect code.

    A full-process digital quality management system from plain code to secret code, from fixed code to editable code, from document to finished product.

    Make full use of its own quality defect detection, anti-counterfeiting detection and other technical advantages accumulated over the years to achieve the integration of coding and printing quality detection.

    One machine with multiple functions to meet the multiple needs of customers.

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Inline Inspection System

Based on the experience of adding nearly 100 inline inspection systems on banknote printing machines, we advocate the concept of printing process quality control to improve product quality and reduce waste. Through analysis of printing defect data, it provides quality improvement suggestions and helps to enhance the efficiency of enterprises.

High Speed Small Format Inspection Machine

It is mainly used for the final inspection of printed products after cutting in the packaging industry such as medicine packs, cigarette packs, and daily chemicals.